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We provide implementation and support services in the area of Data warehousing, Business intelligence and Enterprise performance management.

We also provide strategy, architecture and consulting in business analytics area. Please refer Here for more details

We work on research and development of frameworks that span across data warehousing, big data, business intelligence, enterprise performance management and artificial intelligence. Here’s a look at our framework solution.


Movalytics is a framework solution for movie industry and can help understand potential revenue generation opportunities along with the best plot process that works with the film. A movie data set is analysed on different factors such as genre, actors, directors, budget and collections. A strategic plan based on the analysis is prescribed which would have a greater impact on the audience and thus on the box office collections. This is a technology agnostic solution. Sample solutions for demo purposes are available on Qlik, MySQL, R/Python.

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Movalytics - Media Business Solution

Business Challenge

Recommend a selection mechanism for genre, producer, actors, launch date that depicts the impact it has on the movie collections

Data Collection

Data needed to solve this challenge is captured from Movie Database, Internet (websites and social media) and excel files

Web Scraping

The additional data needed such as YouTube Comments, Social Media Feeds and the relevant data present on different websites was extracted using technique Called Web Scraping using R/Python.


Solution Offered

A Strategic Plan is Prescribed to select a combination of actors, director, producer for a movie which will have a greater impact on the Box Office Collections, based on the insights uncovered in the Business Analytics

A complete plan of action is presented.

      Predictive Analytics

A Strategic Plan is Prescribed to select a combination of actors, director, producer for a movie which will have a greater impact on the Box Office Collections, based on the insights uncovered in the Business Analytics

Other predictive algorithms such as Clustering, KNN, SVM can also be deployed to gain different degrees of accuracy


Performed In-depth analysis on the extracted data to uncover meaningful Insights and Patterns in the data

What – If analysis is performed to understand which Actor, Director, Producer Combination can bring out the Best

Some of our offerings.

Data Warehousing

Data warehousing in relational and multi-dimensional databases in Oracle, MS SQL Server, DB2, Essbase packages. Data integrations using Informatica, ODI and Open source ETL packages. Data governance strategy and data quality using Oracle Enterprise Data Quality.

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Business Intelligence

Business intelligence solutions using ORACLE BI, SAP BI, MICROSOFT BI, TABLEAU, QLIK and TALEND. It includes coverage of operational, management and strategic reporting. We provide ORACLE BI package application implementation covering finance, HR, sales, services and marketing analytics.

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Big Data

Gain powerful insights of your business, reveal patterns, trends and detect anomalies that affect your business. Offer better service and better customer satisfaction, make smart decisions and business moves based on powerful statistical methods. Apply data-driven business decision across your organization extracting every bit of information from the data.

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Enterprise Performance Management

Financial planning covering financial statements (income statement, balance sheet and cash flow), Project Financials, Workforce and compensation planning, Capital Expense Planning, Event Management, Sales and Demand Forecasting and various other processes.

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Artificial Intelligence

Machine learning, deep learning and artificial intelligence can be used to create solutions that help run existing processes as well as improve over time by self-learning based on various system interactions. We do research and development to build frameworks and solutions that can help some of our products and services offerings. These solutions can be useful for various industrial applications.

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